Globally Distributed teams deliver innovation faster

Globally Distributed Teams Deliver Innovation Faster


Mining companies have traditionally maintained large, expansive offices, often in skyscrapers boasting their corporate logos. And it should be no surprise! After all, revenues from mining are enormous and in such a competitive space it is important for a business to project an aura of power and success. In a pre-covid era these offices were a prerequisite, it was just the way things had always been done. Now, after several years of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and uncertainty, these offices are a liability. We are in the age of remote work.

The new way of doing business

The pandemic accelerated many social changes that were already underway. The most seismic of these being the ability and willingness from both employers and staff to work remotely. For the first time it was acceptable, even admirable, to work from home, and in those early days of the pandemic people were quick to adapt.

Out of that adaptation new ways of doing business emerged. More so, new technologies to facilitate remote work became daily fixtures in the home office. Mincka were ahead of the curve on this, and had already been operating with a globally distributed team for several years prior to the pandemic – back when it was an innovative concept. Recognizing the inherent flexibility and advantages of a distributed team, we’ve been building an internal process and culture that allows us to remain close knit, independent, and efficient.

Success on every front

Our clients love this model just as much as our staff do. For our clients we’re able to deliver on or ahead of schedule by tapping into a global talent pool working across time zones. The diverse range of expertise is apparent in the way our engineers approach solutions. 

And for our team, well, let’s just say they do their best work when they feel right at home. We work hard to ensure our team is empowered to do their best work, maintain a healthy balance at home, and innovate beyond all known boundaries, technological and geographic, alike.

Thanks to how we operate, Mincka are impervious to regional skills shortages, meaning no challenge is beyond our scope. Where other localised engineering firms may be beholden to the best solutions they can find in a given region, Mincka is unbound to explore all of the options, and invent some new ones along the way. 

One of the benefits to this approach has been the wide variety of cultural insights that a global team inherently brings; diversity of perspective is in our DNA. We have an ear to the ground in every mining region on Earth, and our engineers are positioned to contribute to the advancement of our industry as a whole. Working with Mincka just means that you get there first. 

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