Maintenance & Engineering Governance

Getting the best out of your people and assets is vital to maintain safe OHS practises as well as balancing production needs and business goals which may need creative solutions by experts. There’s a lot that can go wrong with heavy machinery and capital infrastructure. This is why Mincka encourages collaboration with all levels of your organisation, to leverage broader experience and provide accurate information relevant to the residual risk of critical assets.

Expertise Provided:

Structural & Mechanical Design

Complex operations demand exceptional structural and mechanical design. You can’t expect to deliver on target, every time, without ensuring you have the most stable and efficient infrastructure. Our international team manages a wide variety of design, engineering, and due diligence activities. Mincka leverages a best-in-class client management services (CRM) technology for integrated, active and fully transparent information distribution. We offer our clients an extensive network of specialists and subject matter experts to prove insight, support, and oversized results.

Expertise Provided:

Research & Development

Our mission is to develop cutting edge technologies for defect detection and monitoring capital intensive infrastructure, which results in practical, packaged solutions for our clients. Over the last 3 years we have invested more than $1 million in collaboration with top research organisations in Australia, as well as private companies globally, including Belgium, Denmark, Spain and the U.S.

Our research is anchored in real life, existing conditions and occurrences, with constant feedback from professionals working in a given industry, to provide realistic, achievable solutions that deliver directly to the bottom line.

Extensive partnerships with academic institutions (e.g., ACARP) and high-level private industry research organisations allow us to provide cost effective, applied learnings that provide accurate identification and mitigation of asset defects. This in turn reduces the need for manpower and enables remote operation.

Expertise Provided:

Structural Health Monitoring

We’ve put a wide range of sensing devices to the test, so that we can provide our clients with specific and informed recommendations. We only work with devices that are cost-effective, long-lasting, and provide comprehensive data analysis capabilities using hands-on visualisation tools. This gives you the greatest level of certainty for identifying defects and clearly isolating structural risks for high availability and lifecycle management.

Structural & Mechanical Statutory Inspections

Maximising uptime and fostering best practices for the safe operation of equipment are vital to every organisation. It takes a team like ours at Mincka to carefully and meticulously evaluate and present the information regarding the condition of any asset to our clients in an intuitive and practical format to our clients. Detailed identification of structural defects mitigates unplanned downtime and helps to prevent catastrophic failure so that clients can continue safe and productive operations.

Expertise Provided:

Asset Life Extension

Your ability to meet targets and deadlines is dependent on the longevity and integrity of your assets. By combining extensive field testing with comprehensive computer simulation, Mincka consultants and engineers prepare and deliver an in-depth, detailed report for any facility or environment. This allows our clients to make informed decisions about potential capital replacement and/or repair investments to extend the life of their critical infrastructure.

Expertise Provided:

Asset Design Compliance

Compliance to local and international engineering standards and statutory requirements is non-negotiable. Information is only useful if it meets the standards and requirements imposed in a client’s environs. Compliance evaluation analysis by our world-class experts using sophisticated simulation tools ensures that our clients address all legislated health and safety issues.

Compliance to locally and internationally recognised engineering standards and statutory requirements is expected and essential to ensure the safe operation of process and non-process infrastructure. This is critical for all organisations to properly manage risk and to operate efficiently under the requirements of the law.

Expertise Provided:

Our Work

Designing easy-to-repair grizzly beams for a 20-year-old bin. Certifying upgrades on recovery plants. Creating bulletproof processes for coordinators on-site. These are just a few examples of our work. At Mincka, cutting-edge technology and techniques deliver value-driven mining solutions. Check out our case studies to learn more.

Our Work

Designing easy-to-repair grizzly beams for a 20-year-old bin. Certifying upgrades on recovery plants. Creating bulletproof processes for coordinators on-site. These are just a few examples of our work. At Mincka, cutting-edge technology and techniques deliver value-driven solutions. Check out our case studies to learn more.

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