3D Laser Scanning for God-Like Precision


3D laser scanning has transformed the way that spatial data is collected, revealing every incline, measurement, and texture of a target environment. It has given mining engineers god-like precision in their measurements and provided near-complete information where it is needed most. Despite this breakthrough, 3D laser scanning technology still relies on human inputs, and the results will rise or fall to the level of an operator’s skill. 

How does 3D laser scanning work?

With the right operator at the helm of your 3D laser scanning, decision-making becomes a lot easier, as the new accurate and useful data can quickly offer innovative solutions to complex questions. Desktop software is then used to generate point-cloud data to create a 3D model of the facility, area, or asset. 

It is a digital replica that can be explored, manipulated, and experimented on with zero real-world risk, and at record speed. 

How can 3D laser scanning benefit your business?

With this kind of power at your fingertips, business gets a lot easier. Here are just a few of the benefits that can be realised:

  • True visibility of your assets and environments. This means fewer change orders, reduced manhours, fewer site visits, and improved safety.
  • Dramatic increases in design and fabrication quality. With detailed dimensional information now available there is less need for custom fixtures and fittings.
  • Higher levels of confidence – Project management gets easier when the work, costs and scheduling is more predictable. These accurate inputs also translate to more efficient scheduling. Indeed, asset health can be known well in advance of necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Streamlined pricing models – Again, predictability improves operations and costs across the board. When you know exactly what you need, in advance of when you’ll need it,  you can secure preferential costs, and refine supply-chain integration.

The mining industry continues on the path to what many are calling Mining 4.0 – simply put, the rapid advancement of technology reshaping the practice and process of mining. Therefore, you can expect to see 3D laser scanning capabilities evolve far beyond what is possible today. Already, digital twin technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality are exponentially increasing productivity and evolving assigned job roles.

Mincka’s expert engineers regularly use 3D laser scanning in the field for our clients. As perfectionists, nothing less than total visibility and precision will satisfy. Our clients love the results and dramatic increases in productivity, too! 

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