Ensuring Vibrating Screens’ Motion


Emerald, QLD
Project Overview
Vibrating screens are crucial in coal handling preparation plants (CHPP). Their performance is dependent on the characteristics of the oscillating movement, which directly influence the speed of coal transport, material distribution on screen decks, and the quality of the final product. Monitoring the shape of the screen’s motion is critical to ensure consistent performance and longevity of the CHPP. The client is focused on keeping their vibrating screens in optimal condition for effective coal separation.

The Challenges

The main challenges of this project arose from working on the CHPP. However, these difficulties were nothing our team couldn’t handle! We were ready to collaborate with the client in two key areas:

Firstly, we needed to coordinate with operators. This was a necessity given the requirement for multiple setups to fully capture the plant’s range of operations. Secondly, we had to overcome accessibility issues at certain locations due to ongoing plant activities. Despite these challenges, our team was fully prepared and capable of managing the situation.

The Solution

Our task was to inspect the operative parameters of the vibrating screens. We began with a thorough vibration assessment of the screens and their support structures. Our approach involved capturing acceleration measurements at all corners of the machine, collecting data across all axes. We placed sensors on the relevant axis of a vibrating screen to acquire acceleration data. Using durable computers and accelerometers, we gathered data from an accelerometer on a vibrating screen. This robust data was then carefully post-processed using our custom identification algorithms. These algorithms allowed us to determine key operational parameters such as the screen’s orbit shape, the amplitude of the vibration, and its operating speed. Our comprehensive analysis extended beyond the machine to evaluate the supporting structure, aiming to ensure the system operates at peak performance.

The Impact

Leveraging our data-driven approach and our specialized experience in vibration analysis, we
offer early detection of machine malfunctions, preventing minor issues from escalating into
major risks for both the plant and the machinery. We believe in proactive alert systems. This
way, not only do we avoid potential damage, but we also offer operators a robust tool for
efficient plant management.