Asset Structural Inspection


Emerald, QLD

Project Overview

The client wanted to evaluate the structural condition of their assets, identify any damage, and define the required actions to preserve their structural integrity. To address these requirements, Mincka has been conducting the structural inspection of the coal processing plant and its associated infrastructure at the mine on an annual basis.

The Challenges

The main challenges of this project are the restrictions to access the mine’s infrastructure in order to perform a high-quality inspection and gather the information to evaluate their structural condition. The inspection of some assets, for example, have working at height requirements.

The Solution

The methodology followed for this inspection is visual identification of structural issues, with the subsequent evaluation of the risk in line with The client’s Risk Management Policy. During the inspection visual checks are performed across the entire infrastructure, identifying misalignment, spalling, and cracks on concrete components. These inspections also check the assets for misalignments, twisting or tearing of steel members and connections, corrosion on steel, damaged bolted or welded connections, and any excessive vibration.

During these inspections, Mincka uses standardised, digital checklists that include descriptions, photos, and videos to document any defects found, and enable an accurate and efficient data-gathering process.

To overcome the challenges related to working at height requirements, Mincka uses drones for the visual inspection, which eliminates this risk and eliminates the need for the use of equipment like an elevating work platform (EWP), man cage, or scaffolding. 

The Impact

The customer’s satisfaction with the results of these structural inspections and their impact at the mine is demonstrated by the fact that Mincka has been performing these annually since 2017. The defects identified and the risk evaluation are provided in line with The Client’s Risk Management Policy and the suggested repair methods have contributed significantly to maintaining the structural integrity and reliability of the mine infrastructure, as well as a safer operation, due to the absence of structural failures.

Fidel Gonzalez