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Case Study

PMIs and WINs Development

PMIs and WINs Development Location Port Hedland, WA Services Project Overview The client wanted to standardise the maintenance administration documentation and improve the inspection process through the development of Preventative Maintenance Instructions (PMIs) and Work Instructions (WINs) for the port’s process infrastructure equipment. Previous Next The Challenges The main challenges of this project were the wide variety of different types of inspections and the considerable amount of the port’s processing equipment that was included in the scope; a total of 77 items, including bucket wheel reclaimers, stackers, shiploaders, and car dumpers. Also, the development of the PMIs and WINs required a variety of sources of information, including the client’s governance documentation and inspection procedures, the equipment’s structural design end-of-life assessments, field information and photos from the inspection of the relevant areas. The gathering of the field information and photos provided another significant challenge, due to the high cost of bringing engineers to the port and the restricted available access to the equipment. The Solution Mincka developed PMIs and WINs based on the governance documentation, inspection procedures, and the equipment’s structural design end-of-life assessments. It was also important to take into consideration that the client inspectors would be using these instructions. They were therefore fully involved in every step of the process for their input and to review the developed documentation. Mincka used digital tools that provide a transparent, agile, and efficient process using real-time review, to fully integrate Client’s inspectors into the process. Mincka also worked with client’s inspectors to gather the field information and inspection area photos. The digital tools that Mincka provided obtained the required photos and extensive feedback in the most practical way for both parties. Digital tools reduced the cost of the project by avoiding the need to bring Mincka’s engineers to the port to gather the field information. The results of the activities and subsequent documentation were reviewed by the project’s specialists, and tested in the field, prior to the release of the official PMIs and WINs for the port’s processing infrastructure equipment. The Impact The developed PMIs and WINs make it easy for any qualified inspector to follow the standardised process when examining and assessing the port’s processing infrastructure equipment. The documentation ensures high quality inspections, that include all relevant areas of the asset to be inspected, and aligns with the client’s governance methods. High quality inspections will help to extend the life of these assets, reduce the likelihood of a shutdown due to unexpected structural failures, and increase the overall productivity of the port.

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