Full-service Innovation

Material Analysis & Solutions

Mincka have helped our clients in the mining industry save time and money by providing reliable, cost-effective materials analysis. Our expert chemists use innovative processes to determine complex compositions, solving the difficult questions that stand in the way of your increased efficiency.

Our team can assist in troubleshooting through experiment design, laboratory testing, and consultation, saving you considerable time and money in problem-solving. From materials identification, inorganic analysis, and contaminant identification, to polymer testing and trace metal analysis, Micka are the experts you’ve been searching for.

Field Testing

With some of the most advanced field testing and sensor capabilities on the planet, Mincka have redefined geothechnical and environmental testing. Our global team of experts use the latest technologies to provide meaningful and accurate data to our clients, saving them time and money, bringing them closer to achieving their KPI’s.

Mincka’s business model allows for fast, numble, and innovative testing solutions. We deliver testing services for rock, air, soil, odur, water, geosynthetics, and more, and can provide custom solutions designed for specific projects.

Field Service

Field services keep your equipment operating in peak performance and ensure the frontlines of your business continue to run smoothly and efficiently. From planned, preventive, and corrective task, to a full range of maintenance solutions, our team of global experts can increase your plant’s availability, your equipment’s uptime, and your investments secure. Mincka can also provide repair and maintenance training for your technical team, as well as refurbishments, installations, and commissioning services.

Financial Modelling

The ability to predict financial outcomes is vital to ensuring the success of your business. Accurate financial models give you the power to plan and make decisions proactively, whilst allowing for the flexibility needed to respond to the conditions of a changing world. With access to more useful data than ever before, Mincka’s financial modeling department will work alongside you to develop reliable models that deliver on your technical and commercial needs.

Risk Analysis

Often, a business needs to take a leap into the dark to grow or to outperform the competition. Our risk analysis service shines a light into the dark and provides you with the rock-solid assessment needed to help you to make informed decisions on how best to allocate your budget and time.

Mincka’s global team of technical specialists perform due diligence for our clients identifying the risks and opportunities facing a project. This includes both technical and non-technical aspects, from financial and environmental data, to community and health and safety goals. We equip you with the ammunition and intelligence needed to make smart, defensible moves.

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We do things differently here
- Can You Dig It?

When it comes to engineering consulting, there’s no one quite like Mincka. We’re nimble, disruptive, and responsive to needs of mining in a changing world.

And just as importantly, we’re responsive to the needs of our team. We offer Mincka employees unrivaled independence, career progression, and ownership of their work.

If you’re ready to join a global team of likeminded experts, take a look at our open positions. If you don’t see a role that suits you at this time, reach out and introduce yourself – let’s start the conversation.

Sarah Maillard

I joined Mincka as an Executive Assistant. I was delighted to be supported and guided by a caring team and chief Engineer during my first weeks, until I could find my bearings.  

It is also very comforting to know that Mincka Engineering allows people to work remotely and trusts its Talents to choose their own schedule, as long as the work is well done. I feel appreciated and respected, and it makes working that much more pleasant. 

Alejandro Duarte

Alejandro Duarte

Working at Mincka is an amazing adventure. Its an exciting journey, full of great challenges, in which were always aiming to provide unique solutions and exceed our customers expectations. Our team of exceptional individuals from a wide variety of different fields enjoys working together to maintain the highest quality in all of our deliverables with exceptional attention to detail. 

It encouraged us to establish some core values to work more efficiently and to invite a variety of unique insights into every project. Those values are one of the cornerstones of our business, allowing for continuous improvement, for me and everyone on our team, both personally and professionally. Mincka is where I work, but its also a place that produces brilliant and innovative ideas and it seems like engineering services were created to put these out there into the world. 

Nicolas Yaya

Nicolas Yaya

Working at Mincka has changed my life. Originally from an academic background in mathematics and computer science at the University level, I applied for an opportunity in the industry sector at Mincka Engineering.  

Over the last two years I have had the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a wide variety of fascinating projects in the mining industry in Australia. I am privileged to work with some brilliant, analytical minds around the world that have helped me grow as an individual as well as professionally, in what is a very multicultural, multidisciplinary organization. 

At Mincka I am part of a collaborative, tolerant and hard working culture, with a leadership team that promotes the growth of its people as part of the development of its organization. I am very proud to be a part of this exceptional company. 

Juan Duncan

Working at Mincka has been a very satisfying experience. I feel that it has contributed a lot to my personal and professional growth, because I find the warmth and connection with my colleagues very much like a family, even though we don’t meet face-to-face. The fact that we are scattered all over the world is a fundamental reality of how business operates today, and Mincka encourages and celebrates the cultural variety and the diverse approaches that we bring to all of our challenges and projects. 

Leonardo Blanco

Leonardo Blanco

Working at Mincka has been a very enriching experience for me. I have been working here for more than 2 years and every day provides a new opportunity for my personal and professional development. 

 Mincka is a very multicultural and diversified organization and its core values include respect, integrity and honesty. This makes for an amazing environment in which I am working with many nationalities and different cultural backgrounds, so it makes it very interesting. Because of all of this, I have to say that Mincka Engineering is a phenomenal company to work for.