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Mincka is an Australian registered consulting engineering services provider for the resources and infrastructure industry. We work 100% remotely with the vision of working seamlessly 24/7 by leveraging the contribution of engineering teams located in different world time zones.

Our owner is multi-lingual, and we are blessed to have amazing talent throughout the world all working as a global 24/7 team. We leverage cutting edge technology to enable a collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment with engineering professionals around the world.

Mincka is growing faster than we can find the top talent. If your passionate about your career and profession, send us your CV anytime. We are as dedicated to finding and keeping the best staff that we offer exciting staff benefits really letting you be in control of your work-life balance.

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Working At Minkca FAQs

Do Mincka offer flexible working arrangements?

Do we ever!? Mincka offer the most flexible working arrangements in the industry, empowering our team to set their own schedules and chart their own careers. Some of our most highly prized perks include fully remote roles that can be performed from anywhere in the world, hybrid roles in which team members split their time between home and the office, and optional work from home options for on-site team members. Whatever your preference, Mincka can provide an option that works for you.

Do Mincka offer roles outside of Australia?

Yes! We have team members around the world and offer a range of roles that can be performed from anywhere on the planet that has a decent wifi connection. We love the international flare that our global team provides, and it’s a big part of what makes Mincka’s culture so much fun to be a part of.

Does Mincka support team members in performing charity work?

Absolutely! We feel it’s important to support our team members in the causes that matter to them. That’s why Mincka allow our team members to spend 2 work days each year in working with a local charity of their choice. It gives Mincka an opportunity to contribute to positive global change and to raise awareness of regional issues that may otherwise remain under the radar.

Can I have a monthly rostered day off (RDO)?

We can do better than that – Our weekday crew works from Monday to Friday and enjoy a half-day Friday every single week (4.5 days total). That works out to 2 extra days off each month. Our weekend crew works from Friday to Monday (3.5 days total), and enjoys a half-day Monday every single week. We take our work-life balance seriously at Mincka.

Do Mincka provide any kind of mental health support?

Good mental health is the key to happy life and it’s important to us that we ensure our team are happy and healthy! We offer our team members monthly mental health support options. It’s great to know that there are resources on hand, even if it’s just to check-in from time to time.

Do Mincka offer opportunities for performance coaching.

Yes, strong professional development is one of the best perks of a career at Mincka. We set our team up for success with the resources they need to achieve their professional dreams, including monthly performance coaching sessions.

Do Mincka offer paid parental leave.

Yes! As a global team, our business operates across multiple jurisdictions. This means that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the way we can provide paid parental leave. Check with your local laws to determine the paid parental leave options available to you.

Will Mincka pay to set up my work from home office?

We want our team to feel right at home in their office – which, if it’s a home office, they likely will! That’s why we offer a generous allowance for our distributed team member to pay for phone, desk, chair, computer and other office essentials. The only question remaining is, should the new office furniture match the rest of your home colour scheme? That’s up to you, we just write the checks.

As a full-service organisation, Mincka Engineering is a leader in Asset Integrity, Engineering Design and Compliance, centred around safety, quality environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Every asset, infrastructure and process are considered with appropriate, applicable standards and stipulated regulations.

With extensive experience and an enviable track record, our greatest strength is in the high calibre of our people, who are innovative, multi-disciplinary and resourceful, and welcome every challenge as an opportunity to help clients achieve and exceed their business goals.

Our approach includes structured processes to ensure the quality of the work, as well as the tracking of all projects in progress, coordinated by a well-orchestrated and collaborative team of experts that understand and are focused on each assignment’s specific requirements.

When it comes to engineering consulting, there’s no one quite like Mincka. Our 24/7 remote operating model ensures we meet the needs of mining in a changing world. This model ensures there is someone to respond you to you no matter the hour. Mining doesn’t sleep, so neither does Mincka.

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